Monday, July 8, 2013

No Matter What, Everything Is All 'Right'

What an amazing day it has been exploring a few new places that I had not yet discovered on Vieques Island. It ended with one of those moments that offered an opportunity to re-frame and choose another perspective, that turned out to be completely magical.

The vehicle assigned to Ted, the second caretaker who occupies the other floor of the property that we are caring for, has been having some mechanical issues. Since we needed to drop off the vehicle at the mechanic shop, I accepted the invitation to stop at Mosquito Pier to see the location that many go to for local fishing and snorkeling, as well as to Fortin Conde de Mirasol - the last Spanish fort built in the Americas, which is now a museum and only about three minutes drive from the house.

I got out of the vehicle near the pier, which is at the end of a mile long roadway. It is always fun for me to analyze the symbolism in the environment. On one side there were hundreds of rock stacks, which at a glance resembled people standing guard on the windy side of the pier where the waves were crashing. Definitely a very masculine setting and went very well with the 'no entry beyond this point' sign that leads to the actual pier.  The only way to explore beyond this point is to get in the water, which is always my preference anyway. :) But this will wait for another day.

On the other side, the sun was creating a shimmer against the surface of the still water with pretty purple flowers growing along the shoreline. Here we have the feminine. The pier is a great example of balancing the energies of yin and yang.

We jump back in the car rather quickly as we have a schedule to keep. There are kitties that are going to be wanting to be fed soon and Esmerelda gets quite feisty with her little growl when she is hungry. :)

Our other stop is El Fortin Conde de Mirasol, 'the Fort'. Driving up the hill my attention is drawn to a beautiful Flamboyant Tree. These trees are very appropriately named as they have vibrant colors that are stunning and immediately catches one's eye. Jumping out of the car we each go off exploring and to take notice of the ocean and city view of Isabel Segunda below. We head quickly back toward the car and I ask Ted if he would take a picture of me under the tree. "Of course", he said - and I also return the favor and take a quick shot of him before we head back to the house.

That evening before turning in for the night, I was searching for my purse. After retracing my steps three times I came to the conclusion that I must have left it in the car. I decided to wait and check on it in the morning and trust it would be safe locked in the car.

It had been about fifteen minutes that I had been laying down and all of a sudden, I sat straight up in bed and had one of those - "oh shit!" moments. I remembered taking my purse off and setting it in the grass by the Flamboyant Tree while my picture was being taken. My mind was so focused on the beauty of this tree that I had forgotten to pick it back up!!

Oh, my mind began to race as I thought about how my original driver's license was in there. Which Richie, the homeowner, had told me to photo copy and put scotch tape on to carry with me and to leave my original at the house. Had I listened? 'No!' My house, car, post office, and other property keys were all in my purse. The immediate reaction was to think, 'Jacqueline, how stupid!' 'How spiritual of a response is that I thought?' 'That isn't very magical or helpful thinking!'

I started to think about how we were at the Fort near closing time. There was a fence with a locked gate. Many people probably would not have ventured over by the tree. It was likely safe and I thought of it as being protected. In the next moment in my mind, I thought, 'At least it isn't raining'. In that instant a downpour began! :) How is that for timing!! My heart told me, 'Have faith and trust that everything is unfolding as it is suppose to'. 'Don't judge the experience.' I drifted off to sleep - my mind settled that everything was all 'right' - no matter what the outcome is.

Upon waking to feed the kitties at 5:30 am, I jumped on the computer to check the hours of operation at my new favorite stop, 'the Fort'. The website I looked at said they are open from 8 am - 4:30 pm. I got myself all ready to start the day and grabbed my emergency spare set of keys and headed up to the Fort, so I would get there when the gate opened.

I looked at the sign on the entrance gate, which informed me they didn't open until 8:30. So much for the information age and being early. :) I decide to run down to the store to pick up a few items and head quickly back up to the Fort to be first in line again for when the gates really open!

Sitting out in my car, I am once again waiting. Dang it is hot out! The sun is beating in the car window. I have to roll down the windows to get some air and a flurry of mosquitoes begin to attack me. I have a love for all things living...but mosquitoes, do they really have a purpose beyond being bat food?

Looking at my cell phone, it is now 8:45. The gates aren't open. A couple drive up in hopes of checking out the fort, wait a few minutes and drive off. I look up at the Fort and can see a security guard. 'Why is he not opening this gate my mind begins to ponder?'

I am swatting at the many mosquitoes who are continuing to invade my space. My mind starts to wander as I wonder, 'What am I missing?' 'What is it you want me to see?' There must be something magical that is around me that I am not noticing, so I get out of the car to begin looking at my surroundings. A man rides up on a horse. He finds a way into the Fort and I can hear him chastise the security guard. Why aren't you opening the gate? I smile and internally am thanking him as he rides off in another direction. The security guard remains up at the fort declining to walk down to open the gate.

A couple of wild horses walk by me and they are sweet. A momma and her colt. Around me are some wildflowers as I stroll up the lane by the Seagate Hotel where a couple ride out on horseback. I snap a few photos to distract me from the itching that my body is enduring from the continuous biting.

It is now 9:10 am. A car pulls up and a gentleman jumps out to open the gate. I am immensely thankful and quickly climb into my vehicle to drive up the hill to discover the fate of my purse. As I pulled up the steep incline and looked to my left where the tree is located, the most amazing and magical scene is before me, as if it were painted by the hand of God.

These two gorgeous wild horses were standing within two feet of where I had left my purse! My faithful and beautifully wild friends laid down under the tree and let me get very close to them. Because of past experiences that haven't been very positive with horses, I refrained from trying to pet them as I wasn't certain how they may react...but there was an outpouring of love as I sat down a couple of feet from them for about 20 minutes and connected to the heart of the female.

Tears were streaming down her face and I began to wonder about her history and all of the wild horses that I see roaming the highways and beaches, and wishing my dear friend Amelia Kinkade were with me in this moment to offer her insight and animal communication skills.

The wisdom from my heart had this to share - 'The magic that is present is here for every one of us, whenever we choose to open our hearts and our minds to the experiences that life brings to us'. Thoughtless accident? I prefer to think of it as Divine Design.

What different perspectives are available when things seem to not be going our way? Can we ask the Universe to show us the magic in these experiences? Can we open our hearts and faithfully trust that all is working out in Divine order? Will we grow impatient that the Universe is not matching our scheduled timetables? Will we be so focused on what is 'wrong' that we will completely miss the 'rightness' of the moment? Will our lives be dictated by what we should have, would have, or could have done? Will we live our life to it's fullest capacity for being and bringing joy? Will we be open to receiving what beauty and gifts the Universe has in store for us? What will you choose?

Yes, these faithful friends were watching my purse for me. It was exactly where I had left it and had not been touched by the rain storm the night before. "What else is possible?" And, "How does it get any better than this?" I couldn't have planned a more beautiful and magical moment to experience...and it all happened by sure faith and trust that everything occurs for a reason and staying present with my heart.

Remember, 'no matter what - everything is all 'right''.

Thank you for sharing this blog with others who you feel may enjoy it.

*** Copyright by Jacqueline Bambenek, Vibrational Energy Solutions ***

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